The Cybex Solution Q3 – Fix car seat combines the latest safety insights with the most innovative materials and safety research. It is intended for Group 2 + 3, from 15-36 kg, forward facing only.

Cybex solution q3-fix is also known as a highest safety car solution at all times.
The patented adjustable head restraint prevents the baby’s head from slipping down while sleeping and gives your child a perfect support.

The interaction between the patented head restraint with the ability to change the inclination prevents dangerous head tilt during sleep, and the optimized linear collision protection system (L.S.P. System Plus) ensures the highest level of safety and comfort. It is adjustable in 3 different positions and safely shifts the center of the head slightly back. In the event of a side impact, the little head shall remain in the safe area of the seat and give support to your child.

The new automatic height and width adjustment system allows flexible and optimum alignment of the car seat to the size of the child. The new airflow system guarantees a comfortable temperature during sitting in hot days.

Tilting backrest: Thanks to the tilt function, the seat perfectly adapts to the car seat.
The optimum inclination of the head restraint prevents the child’s head from swinging while sleeping. The head is actively guided into a safe position.

The indispensable element in the children’s car seat Solution is surely a safe concept of a 3-step adjustment of the head support. Thanks to the adjustment, the child’s head is positioned backwards to prevent dangerous sleep during sleep. The child’s sensitive area of the head and neck is protected against side crashes and the car seat will remain in the safe zone surrounded by the head and side shields. In addition to improving the child restraint safety zone, the patented head rest provides a comfortable position during sleep.
System safety feature: Impact power is reduced by the use of individually adjustable protection in the event of a side impact, and the child’s head is effectively guided into a safe and supportive position.

Car seat that grow with a child
Most children reach 55% of their total height up to 3 years of age, up to 12 years of age up to 89% of height. This results in an average growth of 23inches during the period when the child uses a car seat.

With the aim of providing the best possible protection and comfort for the entire duration of the car seat, the CYBEX Solution Q3-fix child seat is equipped with automatic height and width adjustment – a new safety mechanism for optimum alignment of the car seat with the child’s body. The simple mechanism allows the 11-degree adjustment of the car seat using one arm, and the height and width can be adjusted at the same time. The seat can be raised by 3 inches in width and 1 inch in height. Therefore, the child will always be in the optimal position of the safety zone of the car seat, which covers the protection of the head and shoulders.

Air flow system – for optimal temperature while in a car seat
The airflow system offers comfortable seating temperature, even on hot days.
The new milestone in the comfort package for the Solution Q3-fix car seat are surely the mesh channels for the flow of air that run from the backrest over the other components of the car seat.

The air circulates through the ventilation holes on the front of the car seat and under the seat cover and it is separated away from the child by means of additional openings in the backrest. This ensures a comfortable temperature during sitting even on hot days.

Optimized linear collision protection system
An optimized linear collision protection system absorbs energy in a collision at a very early stage.
The new fitting width matches perfectly with an optimized linear collision protection system (L.S.P. System Plus). In the event of a lateral collision, the force is then systematically reduced by means of additional safety pads, as well as by the shoulder and head guards. At the same time, it allows the kinetic energy to absorb in the event of an accident in very upward phases, and the head is automatically directed to a safe position.

Safety, design and functionality
The tradition of Cybex continues with the Platinum car seat modes and it is possible to choose among many colors and two textile variants.
Comfortable version: the soft and comfortable version of Platinum car seats includes 10 color combinations.

Version Plus: Plus version features a characteristic look through exclusive and durable textiles with the effects of the twill in the appearance of the denim (denim). These car seats are available in 5 different colors.
Isofix Connect provides extra stability and security and is also used in vehicles that are not equipped with Isofix.

Adjusting the headrest inclination means that the child seat is fully adjusted to the seat in the vehicle.
Very soft seat cushion for increased comfort.


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