Its always a big and an important question what to look for when buying outdoor trampoline for our kids. We all know that they are not cheap and when we decided it’s time for a purchase, we want to spend our money as best as we can. It is a big difference buying something for 10-20 pounds or spending between 100 and 300 or more. Buying the right trampoline has been a dilemma also in our family. If I am honest, children wouldn’t made any fuss about it as long as its on our garden as soon as possible.

Our advice on trampoline buying process

Delivery time would be the big issue for them for sure, and only issue. this is the thing with kids, when you mention to them that we will be buying something for our garden, trampoline for example, next question would be, is it coming now, will we be jumping on new trampoline in afternoon, can we invite friends over this afternoon,… they do not worry about all the important questions we have. And if I admit, is the right way, they need to worry about having fun.

But it’s a different story for parents, when we search on internet “what to look out for when buying trampoline?” We want a trampoline that would be safe for our children and would provide hours and hours of fun. I think that trampoline is a very useful exercise for our children development if it’s used as advised and recommended by manufacturer.

It is true, that sometimes you could see 5-6 children jumping on trampoline at the same time and in most cases jumping would end with accidents and crying. That’s why is Very Important that we are adhering to what is stated in the user’s guide.

Indoor vs Outdoor Trampoline

There are trampolines that can be used indoor, but this are mostly for large sports facilities and are not meant for general home use. Most of the indoor trampolines are large professional type of trampolines that are mostly used by professionals that have different requirements. There are some indoor trampolines that can be used in a regular home, but they can be used mostly by small children as most houses don’t have ceilings high enough to give the necessary space for jumping indoors. We will focus this post mostly on outdoor trampolines as this is what the majority of recreational users will use.

Key points to consider when buying an outdoor trampoline for your child

Important questions you want to ask yourself before you decide which trampoline you will buy:

Buying guide

  1. What are the weight limits?
  2. Do we need an enclosure?
  3. Should we have handlebars for children, helping them to climb up?
  4. Seize that would be enough for our family?
  5. What are safety features?
  6. Which manufacturer is most recommended?
  7. Is seize of mat surface area important?
  8. Does it come with a warranty?
  9. Are there any spare parts available?
  10. Does it have UV protected padding?

It could also be a good idea to bring your youngest ones to a trampoline park so they can get familiar with jumping in a safe environment.

And maybe soon your kids will be able to perform tricks like this on new trampoline.


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